Derry says Trans Rights
Great story, great players. Overall a great and compelling podcast.❤️ Also, the audio quality improves quickly.

New Favorite Podcast
I started listening to DWR late and ended up bingeing everything over a week because it was THAT good. It's so incredibly funny and the story still has its hearwarming moments. Everyone I've talked to about it is in love with having such a diverse range of cast and characters.

The Most Inclusive Pathfinder Podcast!
An excellent podcast that is well on its way to growing! The dynamic between the players and their DM is great, and their characters fun and interesting! It is nice having characters and players I can relate to personally. Keep it up!

Trans inclusive love!
Thank you so much for not only representing so many groups of people but also you guys are a blast. Thank you for this. I look forward to more!

Absolutely Worth Your Time
The story is compelling. The humor is well placed. The music is superb. The people are wonderful. All of the above are fantastic selling points, but more than anything these folks make the world feel a little less lonely. That’s something truly special, and more than enough reason to give this wonderful podcast a try. Thank you for making something special y’all ❤️

So much fun
These people are fantastic. I feel like I’m hanging out with the group of queer friends I never had. They’re hilarious, do a great job explaining the game, and the storytelling is fantastic too. All around awesome.

This is such a strange lil podcast but in all honesty it’s really funny. Favorite quote has to do with the ‘smelting pot of homosexuality’ during the introductions and I already love all the people involved.