Entertaining and Engaging

I truly love this podcast, and once more they prove how entertaining and engaging DWR is. I recommend DWR to everyone, and I also have to stress how fresh the different adventures/"seasons" feel.


Normally not a fan of actual plays. This is an exception. The nuance in the characters NPC and PC alike is to be marvelled at. Consistently funny but rarely distracting. Only podcast to ever bring me to tears. Just incredible, words can't describe it, give it a listen.

My favorite actual play podcast! Great energy, great vibes, great humor and rep! Been with them for two seasons so far and can't wait to see where they go next!

Dice Will Roll is Good Stuff

The perfect balance between engaging actual-play and a listenable, digestible podcast. Cast has great chemistry, with each character posessing different aspects that make them all my spirit animal.

‘Is good! Yeah!

An actual play where you can distinctly tell everyone’s voices apart?! At all moments?! The DM has a way with words and a knack for setting the mood of a scene and rolling with the story-punches. The players… are an absolutely ~wild~ and endearing bunch to listen to. It’s sweet. It’s exciting. It’s weirdly sticky to the touch. What more could you want from a circus?!

I look forward to this podcast every week!

I've been tuning in since the first episode of session one. The DM and the players are all so funny and have such great chemistry; I really enjoy listening to them! I also really enjoy the characters that they play! Absolutely one of my most favorite podcasts!

A good, heartfelt, fun ride that is exactly as advertised

It claims to be the gayest Pathfinder podcast on the planet and it delivers. Honestly, in my whole slate of podcasts, this might be the one I look forward to the most. Solid rules knowledge, solid editing, great chemstry amongst the cast that carries over to the characters - if you've mostly listened to D&D actual plays in the past, don't let the fact that this one is Pathfinder scare you away! They share a lot of the infrastructure and the storytelling is worth it.

<3 <3 <3 best ttrpg show ever!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

this show has gotten me through some really hard times over the past couple years. i recommend it to all my friends! youre all rad as hell <3

Absolute Showstoppers!

Probably my favourite Pathfinder show around, maybe even my favourite TTRPG show around period! Delightful cast, amazing stories, great fights... Dice Will Roll has it all!


Legit the Best Pathfinder Podcast in the multiverse. Derry consistently makes the most memorable and beloved NPC’s with unique personalities and voices. Ritz, Dave, and Luna are amazing players who have such strong chemistry with each other that I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve nearly hurt myself laughing or literally cried at how wholesome they can be. I’d give more than 5 stars if I could.

Simplemente un espacio perfecto para la comunidad lgbt rolera

If you want one of the best actual play podcast experiences in your life, you should listen to Dice Will Roll! With one complete season and a season just starting out at the time of writing this, Dice Will Roll brings you interesting characters, fun and engaging roleplay, and excellent stories that will have you champing at the bit for more. The players and their wonderful GM are a delight to listen to, and truly bring a wonderful atmosphere to the show. Can't recommend enough!

Wow! 11 Episodes in and HOOKED!

I haven’t ever played Pathfinder, but this podcast — being touted as the gayest podcast of all time — grabbed my attention immediately! I came to learn a little bit about Pathfinder, and stayed for the AMAZING role playing and story telling! Keep it up, and I look forward to being along for all the future adventures! 💚

Best Extinction Curse Actual Play!

I love this podcast. As a co-host if another LGBTQ-led Pathfinder podcast, it makes me glad that we didn’t also opt for Extinction Curse as we would not have done it so well!

Thoroughly enjoyable

I just recently discovered it and have been listening to the Extinction Curse. I love it and await each new episode with baited breath.

Lovely Cast!

Clearly already close friends, that’s the best way to start off a show. You know these folk are just having a great time together and enjoying the ride. Lucky to have it shared with us!

Just absolutely lovely. I can’t find the time to listen as often as I’d like, but the cast of LGBTQ+ characters is just so comforting.

I was scouring the internet for a decent playthrough of the Kingmaker Adventure Path and when I found Dice Will Roll I struck platinum!! The cast are some of the sweetest people and their love for each other is apparent with delightful role-play. Derry, the GM, brings NPCs to life as well, and I find myself rooting for some of them as much as the PCs. The story being told is grand and epic, and their handling of Kingdom management was not at all tedious like I've always heard about this AP.

Love this playthrough of Kingmaker! The characters are interesting, they do great descriptions of people and places, and it is very inclusive for all.

They Never Say It’s Bandits on the Pamphlet The energy in this podcast is poppin! If you’re in the mood for rocking Pathfinder and learning how to make a kingdom and don’t want wikiHow, then this is for you! These heroes hit the ground running in this story as soon as they are off the boat. Very strong personalities are instantly formed with each character as they slowly come together as a group to realize how much danger these lands are in and how a wolf is not just a dog. The DM does a great job setting up the world and gets the listeners quickly acquainted with the idea for the podcast, players, and setting. The audio quickly improves over time and the use of music really helps move things along and get you into the listening mode, always a fan! If you’re looking for a new pathfinder podcast to listen to then you need to stop wandering around in circles screaming at the heavens expecting one to just fall into your lap. Do yourself a favour and listen to Dice Will Roll!

Fun and Inclusive TTRPG Podcast

I love listening to actual play podcasts. I stumbled across Dice Will Roll from reddit and started listening and love it. All the cast is great and makes for fun interactions and story tellers. I also love the way they end up taking Kingmaker and making it interesting for listening when you could otherwise spend hours on the kingdom management side of things. With longer episodes there is a lot of content I'm still catching up on. It's also great to have more inclusive not only cast but characters being played. Highly recommend this podcast.

My Favorite Podcast Hands Down

I listen to a BUNCH of ttrpg podcasts. Binging this has been a pure delight. I look forward to going to work each night and plugging these marvelous people into my head. Going to be very upset when I'm all caught up and have to wait week-to-week. The Pathfinder 2E system sounds, if I may....EPIC. This AP is also one of my favorites by Paizo and one I've tried so many times to get a group for. So to hear it come to life FAR BETTER than I ever could is really fulfilling. The cast is hilarious and gorgeous and VALID. Can you tell I've been listening recently? I have.

So great and important

As a queer parent of a trans kid, this podcast is amazing. I can share my love of Pathfinder and LGBT issues in one place with my kids and I just can’t express how thankful I am for you all.

Derry says Trans Rights

Great story, great players. Overall a great and compelling podcast.❤️ Also, the audio quality improves quickly.

New Favorite Podcast

I started listening to DWR late and ended up bingeing everything over a week because it was THAT good. It's so incredibly funny and the story still has its hearwarming moments. Everyone I've talked to about it is in love with having such a diverse range of cast and characters.

The Most Inclusive Pathfinder Podcast!

An excellent podcast that is well on its way to growing! The dynamic between the players and their DM is great, and their characters fun and interesting! It is nice having characters and players I can relate to personally. Keep it up!

Trans inclusive love!

Thank you so much for not only representing so many groups of people but also you guys are a blast. Thank you for this. I look forward to more!

Absolutely Worth Your Time

The story is compelling. The humor is well placed. The music is superb. The people are wonderful. All of the above are fantastic selling points, but more than anything these folks make the world feel a little less lonely. That’s something truly special, and more than enough reason to give this wonderful podcast a try. Thank you for making something special y’all ❤️

So much fun

These people are fantastic. I feel like I’m hanging out with the group of queer friends I never had. They’re hilarious, do a great job explaining the game, and the storytelling is fantastic too. All around awesome.


This is such a strange lil podcast but in all honesty it’s really funny. Favorite quote has to do with the ‘smelting pot of homosexuality’ during the introductions and I already love all the people involved.