Ruby Phoenix Ep. 2: Temples & Terror

June 20, 2022

ENTER THE TEMPLE! Heroes Vs Ghosts! In their quest to become the champions of the Ruby Phoenix Tournament, our heroes must overcome their first task... clearing out an ancient temple to the God of Perfection to call their ho…

Ruby Phoenix Ep. 1: Bamboo & Brawls

June 13, 2022

THE STORY BEGINS! Radiant Winds UNLEASHED! For the past few hundred years, fighters from around the planet of Golarion have gathered in the land of Kami and Dragons to prove their might. Once every decade, these powerful adv…

Dice Will Roll: Ruby Phoenix Trailer

June 7, 2022

FISTS! FERVOR! FURY! Join Sangku, Masami & Chuji in a fighting tournament unlike any other in Dice Will Roll Campaign 3: FISTS OF THE RUBY PHOENIX! Episode 1 drops June 13th 2022. Ready? Then FIGHT! Music by You Fulca. --- …