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Ruby Phoenix Ep. 29: Danger & Daimyos

Jan. 16, 2023

THE TENGU BOSS! CHASE DOWN THE LEADER OF ONI'S MASK! Machinations reveal themselves as the Radiant Winds uncover the villain behind Mogaru's attack on Goka. Now it's a race against the clock to save the city from this wicked…

Ruby Phoenix Ep. 28: Kings & Kaijus

Jan. 11, 2023

CHAOS ON THE STREETS! THE FINAL KING RISES!! The moment they've been fighting for has been snatched from them. The city they call home has come under siege. The sky turns orange with smoke. And the Radiant Winds are fucking …

Ruby Phoenix Ep. 27: Legends & Lowlifes

Jan. 3, 2023

RUBY PHOENIX FINALS! RADIANT WINDS VERSUS..?! It all comes down to this. The perils of Danger Island, the mysteries of Goka, the adrenaline of the Tournament... today, the Radiant Winds make history or lose it all. Faced aga…

Ruby Phoenix Ep. 26: Orochi & Occultists

Dec. 26, 2022

TURN BACK THE CLOCK! THE WINDS' TRAGIC TALE! And then there were four! Half of the Ruby Phoenix Competitors have been knocked out, leaving only the semi-finalists. The Radiant Winds almost have their titles as champions with…

Holiday Special 2022: Krampies & Kerfuffles

Dec. 20, 2022

Winter is upon us, and a chilly new adventure awaits! Joined by guest players Jeff, Jessica, Jordan and Chris, Derry will take a party of adventurers from the frigid land of Irrisen through The Longnight Before Krampus, a sp…

About the Hosts

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They/Them or He/Him

A 24 year old Irish Cartoonist, Storyteller and your Gendernoncomformiest GM! Here to guide you along on your adventure, bring the world and its inhabitants to life, and maybe even accidentally make another unintended fan favourite NPC with a terrible voice again.

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He/Him or Hy/Hymn

The number one Sword lover, Dave's a 24 year old Filipino/Costa Rican transmasc artist, and has some serious thoughts about alignment. Ask him about Paladins and watch in awe as he ascends to another plane out of excitement alone!

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If you could convert the power of a small star into pure chaos energy, the result would probably be something pretty similar to Ritz. A 21 year old Nonbinary artist with a love for clowns, Furbies and other esoterica, they've got the record for most cussing in the entire show by quite a long shot.

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She/Her or They/Them

Also goes by KK around the rest of us! She'll pretend to be the calmest of the cast and the voice of reason; don't let it fool you. The moment you drop your guard around this 24 year old Filipino Graphic Designer, she's picking up more dice than you can count and rolling damage with a sadistic glint in her eye.