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Extinction Curse Ep. 68: Storms & Sorcery

Nov. 29, 2021

Enter the Lab of the Lord of the Black Sands! Dyzallin Shraen, Arcanist, Drow, Tyrant and Mummy is all that stands between the Wandering Three and the fifth and final Aeon Orb. With this, life can be returned to Kortos, wron…

Extinction Curse Ep. 67: Heralds & Harmonies

Nov. 22, 2021

Undead knights! Living statues! Mirror worlds! The Wandering Three take on the seven-floored tower of Dyzallin Shraen alongside the Ganzi Arcanist Il'setsya Wyrmtouched. But they're only halfway up, and the guardians that aw…

Extinction Curse Ep. 66: Mirrors & Mummies

Nov. 15, 2021

The Circus of Makeshift Wonders has impressed the reigning rulers of Shraen... but now their real adventure in the city of the dead can begin. The Wandering Three make their way into the misshapen tower of Dyzallin Shraen, t…

Extinction Curse Ep. 65: Glamour & Ganzis

Nov. 8, 2021

Even hundreds of miles under the surface, the show must go on! As the Circus of Wayward Wonders' bravest heroes take on a gamble with a lich, they must put together their own circus to overcome the odds and wow the undead ci…

Extinction Curse Ep. 64: Wagers & Wyrmwraiths

Nov. 1, 2021

OH SIKE! Our heroes are the starring act at Shraen's Red Circus— but performances down in the Darklands are a lot more deadly than where we're from! Facing off against a massive incorporeal dragon in front of a stadium of bl…

Halloween Special 2021: Midnights & Mansions

Oct. 26, 2021

It's Halloween time, oooo!! The Kastner Expedition is going to go and drink the fabled Midnight Violet tea, which can only be found in the sleepy town of Twilight Hollow. However, the rare flower that's used to make this tea…

Extinction Curse Ep. 63: Downtowns & Drow

Oct. 18, 2021

Oh boy! We're headed to Shraen, everyone! Now that our heroes are finished investigating the Cradle of Worms, they have to track down the undead drow noble who brought it back to his city in the sand. Who knows what will awa…

Extinction Curse Ep. 62: Driders & Duregar

Oct. 11, 2021

Oh shit, we're in a pyramid! Unfortunately for our heroes, it isn't as empty as they wished it would be. On the bright side, there are ancient records inside, for cool things like dragon gods! On the less than bright side th…

Extinction Curse Ep. 61: Pyramids & Peril

Oct. 4, 2021

All the old paintings on the tombs, they do the sand dance, don't you know? This joke doesn't work (oh whey oh) because it's more of a rainforest-style pyramid than an Egyptian one, and also I have no rhythm! The Wandering T…

Extinction Curse Ep. 60: Crits & Cave Worms

Sept. 27, 2021

The Wandering Three and their current companions have been exploring and searching for the Aeon Orb diligently. They're slowly making their way through the Cradle of Worms, which is a jungle deep in the Darklands, full of st…

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The Game Master

A 22 year old Irish Cartoonist, Storyteller and your Genderfluidiest GM! Here to guide you along on your adventure, bring the world and its inhabitants to life, and maybe even accidentally make another unintended fan favourite NPC with a terrible voice again. (He/She/They)


Royari, Alden

The number one Sword lover, Dave's a 22 year old Filipino/Costa Rican transmasc artist, and has some serious thoughts about alignment. Ask him about Paladins and watch in awe as he ascends to another plane out of excitement alone! (He/Him)


Volio, Ichor

If you could convert the power of a small star into pure chaos energy, the result would probably be something pretty similar to Ritz. A 20 year old Nonbinary artist with a love for clowns, Furbies and other esoterica, they've got the record for most cussing in the entire show by quite a long shot. (They/Them)


Eriato, Kaska

Also goes by KK around the rest of us! She'll pretend to be the calmest of the cast and the voice of reason; don't let it fool you. The moment you drop your guard around this 23 year old Filipino Graphic Designer, she's picking up more dice than you can count and rolling damage with a sadistic glint in her eye. (She/They)