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Extinction Curse Retrospective

March 28, 2022

The curtains draw closed, and the crowds disperse. The show is over. But what's next on the horizon? The cast speak of the good times Extinction Curse brought them, what could have been, and what's on the horizon. Theme Song…

Extinction Curse Ep. 80: Farewells & Finales

March 21, 2022

The curtain's calling, my friends! It's time for our grand finale! Our brave Wandering Three have battled demons, mingled with drow, uncovered the truth about ancient societies and dead gods... and now, their final reward aw…

Extinction Curse Ep. 79: Warlords & Wanderers

March 14, 2022

Are you ready to take a bow? From a murder mystery under the big top, to a treasure hunt across the isle of Kortos. From the sweetest laughter to the brink of despair. Dinosaurs, demons, deeplanders... these last six months …

Extinction Curse Ep. 78: Night Hags & Nevermores

Feb. 28, 2022

Come take a seat, darling. We have much to talk about. I'm sure you have many questions for me. I know you must be shocked and confused, but I do really want to speak with you. Yes— you've come a long way. This is the last s…

Extinction Curse Ep. 77: Aeons & Artifacts

Feb. 21, 2022

At long last, everyone: the Final Dungeon of my campaign. The Wandering Three find themselves at the Verdant Beacon, throne of the dead god Aroden and epicenter of the Extinction Curse. But they are not the first to uncover …

About the Hosts

Derry Profile Photo


They/Them or He/Him

A 23 year old Irish Cartoonist, Storyteller and your Gendernoncomformiest GM! Here to guide you along on your adventure, bring the world and its inhabitants to life, and maybe even accidentally make another unintended fan favourite NPC with a terrible voice again.

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The number one Sword lover, Dave's a 24 year old Filipino/Costa Rican transmasc artist, and has some serious thoughts about alignment. Ask him about Paladins and watch in awe as he ascends to another plane out of excitement alone!

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If you could convert the power of a small star into pure chaos energy, the result would probably be something pretty similar to Ritz. A 21 year old Nonbinary artist with a love for clowns, Furbies and other esoterica, they've got the record for most cussing in the entire show by quite a long shot.

Luna Profile Photo


She/Her or They/Them

Also goes by KK around the rest of us! She'll pretend to be the calmest of the cast and the voice of reason; don't let it fool you. The moment you drop your guard around this 24 year old Filipino Graphic Designer, she's picking up more dice than you can count and rolling damage with a sadistic glint in her eye.