June 19, 2020

Pride Flag One-Shot: Shrieks & Shivers

Pride Flag One-Shot: Shrieks & Shivers

SING FOR ME, MY ANGEL OF MUSIC! In the mist-choked lands of Ustalav, shadows hide unknowable secrets and bumps in the night are rarely coincidences. But when the going gets too spooky to handle... everyone needs a hero to call upon. And who ya gonna call?! In a very special one-shot for Pride Week 2020, in association with Prism Pals and their Pride Flag series, join Dice Will Roll as we take on the mantles of the first Pathfinder Party we ever played! Listen as Angelo Lorrimor the Paladin, Arseris Vyldiane the Alchemist and Voltaire Lafayette the sorcerer tell a tale beyond the Carrion Crown Adventure Path and have a Level 20 adventure like no other in Karcau, the Village of Voices! And watch out... there may or may not be phantoms in this opera!

Skeletons get smashed. Ovations get given. Crypts get explored.

All this and more in this special episode of Dice Will Roll, where we ask the hard questions like... how much could an autographed piece of merch go for if it was signed by a ghost?

Music Attribution: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12_6JIpzjtdCCRsXQMd7SLiLXRnOxTkHdCxD_LDHkQ8M/edit?usp=sharing

"LGBTQ" is by Lizz Sooy

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