June 15, 2020

Kingmaker Ep. 79: Unicorns & Utopias

Kingmaker Ep. 79: Unicorns & Utopias

Face the fury of the first world! One final opponent stands between the Kingmakers and finally challenging the Green Lady herself- Phomandala, the Wicked Jabbermedusa! Also, two Tane! You know, those powerful fey godlings that practically change the world around them to be like the First World? Like a Jabberwock, but not quite! Actually, Phomandala is like a Jabberwock, but not quite, too... what's with all these bootleg Jabberwocks, huh? Why does Nyrissa have all of these? And more importantly... what else does Nyrissa hide on the final floor of her dungeon? What secrets is she keeping? What lies have been hidden until now? And how will the Kingmakers fare against her ultimate weapon... the Fable? 

Bears get defenestrated. Horns get taken. Stairs get climbed.

All  this and more in the penultimate episode of Dice Will Roll: Kingmaker, where we ask the hard questions   like... how do you tell a haunted sword you're just not that into him?


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