May 18, 2020

Kingmaker Ep. 75: Worms & Witches

Kingmaker Ep. 75: Worms & Witches

Don't split the party! The frantic advise of many a gamer. But what do you do when the party is split against your wishes? Our heroes are spread through the Thousandbreaths thanks to the nefarious actions of the wicked Nightmare Rook, and now our heroes find themselves split up- with Alden and Ichor facing down the freaky Coagulated Worm Oozes of the Mire, and Kaska alone against the Nightmare Rook itself... will the Kingmakers be able to take down such terrifying threats on their own? Or, divided, are they nothing? Hold on tight- it's about to get messy!

Holes get fallen into. Paths get walked. Tea gets drank.

All this and more in this episode of Dice Will Roll, the Gayest Pathfinder Podcast on the Planet, where we ask the hard questions like... how do you politely tell your druid that she's maybe getting a little TOO into terrifying the fear monster?






Music Via Owlcat Games
Theme Song: Kick Shock by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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