Dec. 16, 2019

Kingmaker Ep. 54: Secrets & Scepters

Kingmaker Ep. 54: Secrets & Scepters

When the going gets tough, the party puts their hands on their hips and expresses total disbelief at how garbage the situation is, before sighing in resignation and doing it anyway. After the Kingmaker's top athlete is poisoned by a rival nation in an effort to sabotage their victory streak in the Rushlight Tournament, Improvisations have to be made, and the only other jouster even close to her level is the King himself! Faced with mounting challenges, both athletic and personal, the Kingmakers must weave their way through the intertwining politics of the festival and prove themselves the champions of the games! But are these games really what they seem at face value? Or is there more intrigue beneath the surface? And if there is... then what place does Kilcela have in all of this? It's time to carry on the torch and wrap up the tournament, fellas- if you can make it out in one piece!

Corsets get waved. Kisses get given. Chess Games get played.

All this and more in this episode of Dice Will Roll, the Gayest Pathfinder Podcast on the Planet, where we ask the hard questions like... is there a cure for the itchy demon rash spreading around my inner thighs?




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