Dec. 10, 2019

Kingmaker Ep. 53: Archery & Axes

Kingmaker Ep. 53: Archery & Axes

On your marks! The Rushlight Tournament swings into action, and so too must our heroes! Taking the place of athletes to win the mighty Rod of Lordly Might for Kilcela, the Kingmakers find themselves pitted against the best and brightest of the River Kingdoms' Sportsmen. From ripped barbarian archers to petite lumberjack sorcerers, this sports showcase is more than a little out of the ordinary. But while all is fair in love and war, it might not be in sports! Can our heroes overcome the tricks and cheats of some of the less scrupulous kingdoms? Or will the best men fail to win? It's game time at the Lake of Mists & Veils, and it seems our heroes are here to win!

Notes get taken. Bullseyes get shot. Logs get split.

All this and more in this episode of Dice Will Roll, the Gayest Pathfinder Podcast on the Planet, where we ask the hard questions like... what's the best spell to cure insomnia?




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