Aug. 19, 2019

Kingmaker Ep. 37: Rivers & Raiders

Kingmaker Ep. 37: Rivers & Raiders

The Duchy of Kilcela has entered a period of peace and prosperity over the last year; the nation has expanded, its leaders risen in fame for their legendary feats and you know what? Tourism is doing pretty good too. But when a hearty meal in the idyllic town of Tatzylford is interrupted by a stranger baring a dire warning of impending doom, our heroes are faced with an unfortunate fact: when you go around stopping bad guys every day for a living, eventually, a few of them are going to want revenge! It's a veritable siege today, fellas, as the Kingmakers face off against an invasion of foes from the woods, both new and old- and they're all that stands between the forces of destruction and the town they must rally and fight back with! Barbarians, witches and giants, oh my! Grab your sword, study your spellbook- the Siege of Tatzylford begins today!

Bad Guys get bisected. Heads get exploded. Poems get recited.

All this and more in the first episode of Kingmaker Book 4: BLOOD FOR BLOOD, where we ask the hard questions like... what's the easiest way to convince a nine year old not to use their shapeshifting powers for evil?





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