April 15, 2019

Kingmaker Ep. 11: Stags & Skulls

Kingmaker Ep. 11: Stags & Skulls

Our fledgling heroes face their toughest challenge yet. Behind enemy lines, deep in the fortress of the brutal bandit king known as The Stag Lord, Alden, Ichor and Kaska must think fast if they want to save the wild Stolen Lands from a crusade of criminals destroying everything in their path. And if that wasn't already bad enough, they've been separated from their trusted animal companion who now runs the risk of being discovered by the Stag Lord himself. And did we even mention the fact that there's a caged Owlbear here?! Like, who does that?! It's a high tension situation, and under pressure like this, the Kingmakers have two options: leave victorious or bite the dust. 

Bandits get tossed. Goodbyes get given. Tomorrows get built.

All this and more in this, the final episode of Dice Will Roll: Kingmaker Book 1, where we ask the hard questions like: shouldn't there be more practical ways to meet with divine beasts than being yelled at in the woods?


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