Sept. 21, 2020

Extinction Curse Ep. 9: Half-Fiends & Hellraisers

Extinction Curse Ep. 9: Half-Fiends & Hellraisers

GHOULS!! The Wandering Three have found themselves in a crypt full of cannibalistic undead intent on feasting on their flesh! They didn't sign up for this! They signed up to find the last demon in the Hermitage of Blessed Lightning, so they could enter the main temple and take on the wicked priestess who started this whole debacle, and there's NO sign of-- ohhhh, the last demon is probably one of these GHOULS, huh..? Rats. Well, Wanderers, you're on your own. Have fun with the living dead, I suppose! And good luck... you're going to really, really need it when you find out what's caused all of this.

SCRAP with the final evolution of the ghoulish ghasts and its' dreadful gaze! DUEL against the terrifying storm queen of the demon cult! LEARN the awful truth that threatens the Isle of Kortos!

All this and more  in this episode of Dice Will Roll, where we ask   the Hard  Questions like... are clowns really qualified to save the world? 






Music by Will Savino, MusicD20

Theme Song by Sim @TheSimulacrae

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