Oct. 18, 2021

Extinction Curse Ep. 63: Downtowns & Drow

Extinction Curse Ep. 63: Downtowns & Drow

Oh boy! We're headed to Shraen, everyone! Now that our heroes are finished investigating the Cradle of Worms, they have to track down the undead drow noble who brought it back to his city in the sand. Who knows what will await The Wandering Three there?! Debt mongers, ready to trap you in debt so large you'll never pay it off? Zombie markets, with goods you could never find legally on the surface? A strange circus, with a tent the size of a mountain? It's gonna be spooky, it's gonna be scary, and it's gonna be dangerous! Who knows how our heroes will fare?

VISIT the City of Dust, dwarfed by looming pyramids and towers! EXPLORE the Antiquities District, in search of an old friend! BRAVE The Red Circus and its unusual performances! All this and more in this episode of Dice Will Roll, the gayest Pathfinder podcast on the planet, where we ask the hard questions, like... Is it a red flag to see a single living creature in a sea of undead?

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Content Warnings: Acute Themes of Slavery and Indentured Servitude, Themes of Existential Capitalist Despair, Unwanted Romantic Attention, GIVE ME MONEY FOR MY KICKSTARTER ASMR, Radiation Poisoning

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