Aug. 16, 2021

Extinction Curse Ep. 55: Necromancers & Nebulas

Extinction Curse Ep. 55: Necromancers & Nebulas

GUG GUG AGAIN!! What?! It turns out, the siege on Willowside was never actually being orchestrated by the Xulgath at all! Instead, A gug by the name of Gug Eats-The-Eaters has been controlling the leader of this group of Xulgath from behind the scenes! What will our heroes do about this? Will they defeat the gug, ensuring safety for the town and our beloved circus? Or will this be the end for The Wandering Three and Willowside? The end of the war is coming either way... and our heroes will walk on. The question is... will they be alive or dead when they do?

DUEL with a fearsome monster and her undead minions! PUZZLE over the speaking tower and its peculiar message! PLUNGE into your dreams and confront the creatures that have been controlling you for so long!

All this and more in this episode of Dice Will Roll, the Gayest Pathfinder Podcast on the Planet, where we ask the hard questions like... so, what's up with the worm-on-a-strings? 






Music by Will Savino, MusicD20

 Theme Song by Sim @TheSimulacrae 

Proud Members of the Be Gay Roll Dice network. CONTENT WARNINGS: Exsanguination, Body Horror, Big Scary Goth Tiddies, Miscommunication, Zombies

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