Dec. 16, 2020

Extinction Curse Ep. 21: Chronicles & Crusaders

Extinction Curse Ep. 21: Chronicles & Crusaders

The past is riddled with secrets long forgotten to man. You are just the latest in a line of countless lives that were more or less like yours, and so is everyone in the world. But you're probably the first one to be a clown elf with magic powers from god that has to fight dinosaur people. Yeah, that's most likely a first. The Wandering Three continue their excursion through Moonstone Hall, seeking out the final Xulgath Demon-Caller and the truth as to why the Xulgath even came here in the first place. But looking through the annals of time has a heavy burden... one that's enough to crush the souls of any one adventurer alone. So remember the gold rule: don't split the party!

STUDY the discarded books left strangely behind by a friend! PROTECT the crypts of the long dead clergy! GAZE into the mysterious past and find what answers are hidden from you there!

All this and more in this episode of Dice Will Roll, the Gayest   Pathfinder Podcast on the Planet where we ask the Hard Questions  like...  okay, you don't SERIOUSLY expect us to take all of THOSE out, right??






Music by Will Savino, MusicD20

Theme Song by Sim @TheSimulacrae

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