Oct. 19, 2020

Extinction Curse Ep. 13: Godlings & Glory

Extinction Curse Ep. 13: Godlings & Glory

A star rotates the peak of the Erran Tower, and our heroes- Royari San Sarnax, Volio Via and Eriato Bati- face off against a gruesomely scarred xulgath bearing demonic runes carved into his flesh and a massive stone hammer. The faith of their home lies within this battle; should they fail, the primeval troglodytes will destroy the life-giving Aeon Orb left to us by a dead god, dooming the Isle of Erran to extinction. So like, the stakes are pretty high. What did we come to Abberton for again? Let me just check my notes... ah, right, to act in the circus. Hmmm. We've solved murder mysteries, killed marauding boars, defended churches from fiends, dismantled druid cults and fought actual dinosaurs since we got here to do that, which was... ah, a week ago! Nice! Well, everyone... no point in questioning fate. Embrace it, and take a stand, because no matter what, the show must go on!

CLASH with the fiendish xulgath warpriest from deep underground and save your home from certain doom! TOWER over the crowds as you put on a show like no other in this world! FEEL the touch of destiny as it pulls you into its arms, leaving you changed and empowered once and for all!

All this and more in the finale of BOOK 1 OF EXTINCTION CURSE: THE SHOW MUST GO ON, where we ask the hard questions like... are you sure you want to be giving all this responsibility and power to a troupe of performers?

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